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One thing is certain – you will not be bored during your stay at Egtved Camping.

A wide range of activities awaits you and your family here, especially the children.
As we are very new owners of this fantastic place, we do not yet have everything planned, but we can guarantee you that during the season there will be different events such as concerts, fleamarket, Friday bar, children’s entertainment, and much more.


In addition to the two playgrounds, there are also lovely forest areas on the site, where you can climb trees, build your own hut and hide and seek.

Over time, we plan to upgrade the play areas so that inspiration for play and socializing is intensified. We plan to renovate the pétanque court. You can borrow pétanque balls at the reception, just as you can borrow croquet and other outdoor games.

In the common room, you will find games, LEGO Duplo bricks, paper, and pens for the entertainment of the little ones. During the summer we plan to have activities for the children.
LEGOLAND, Lalandia Aquadome, and Givskud ZOO are within short driving distance, and if you are looking for shopping, you will find plenty of shopping opportunities in Vejle, Kolding, Horsens, Frederica, Give, and Egtved.



There are many benefits to having animals. For children, animals provide a good opportunity to learn responsibility and how to interact with the animals while growing comfortable doing so.

Children must always be accompanied by adults when approaching the animals. It is important to show great respect for the animals and keep an eye out for their signals. It is forbidden to feed the animals without permission, as they can get sick and in the worst case die.

In Walter’s place, you find our goats, chickens, and the pig Gurli.
In the big green area near the lake, we are planning a bird aviaries, where you can enjoy our beautiful birds.

Children are welcome to take part in looking after the animals – feeding them and cleaning their area.

Friday bar

An initiative that we hope will be a success!

We will provide the opportunity to wish each other a good weekend every Friday during the summer season.

Between 4 – 6 pm we sell beer, wine and soft drinks, and welcome you in the common area either inside or just outside the common room.


Eating together or take-away

We enjoy good food and we like simple living. We want to give you the opportunity to not have to cook – once in a while.

Therefore, at regular intervals during the summer season, we will offer a delicious, home-cooked, inexpensive meal. You will have to book and pay in advance. You can choose to eat with other guests in the common room or outside, or you can bring the food to your own place.
It will also be possible to buy drinks.

Keep an eye out for announcements on the information board in the reception and on Facebook.


This place has always had a lot of music.
Unfortunately, we can neither sing nor play, so we have invited different kind of musicants to play during the summer.. We are already looking forward to it!

It will be possible to buy sausages, pancakes, and drinks.

There will also be other music events during the summer. Keep an eye out for it.

The pancake cart

Mathilde’s pancakes will be open at various events – and who knows – maybe sometimes also in between events.
Here you will meet our sweet daughter Mathilde, who is baking the most delicious crepes for you at a reasonable price.

Flea market

A large flea market is held in May. It is an old tradition that we think deserves to be continued.
Further information follows.

The lake

The beautiful lake is an old peat pit. The water is therefore not very suitable for swimming. However, it is not prohibited, but takes place at your own risk, just like all other activities at the lake.

A lifeline is available near the lake.

Fishing is legal if you have a fishing license.
You may find scallops, perch, and pike, but we hope very much you will release them again, so we can continue to have fish in our lake.


(in Danish: “Tøffetid”)
We want you to relax while you are here. You get relaxed when you don’t do much other than hang out.
It is the opposite of a hectic schedule with lots of planned activities.
It is not a waste of time and its value should not be underestimated.
It improves the individual’s and the family’s well-being.
We all need relaxation.