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Event calendar

Egtved Aktivitetskalender
The Event Calendar gives you an overview of upcomming events at Egtved Camping.

Sunday 29 th March - 15:00Season welcome at the terrasse
Sunday 12 th April - 10:00Egtved running event
Friday 17 th April - 18:30Dinner at Musikhulen. Bring your own food and drinks
Saturday 23 th May - 20:00Live music with "Godt Gråt"
Sunday 24 th May 10:00Flee Market at Walters Square
Friday 3 th and Saturday 4 th JulyMusic at the Lake
Saturday 26. September - 18:00Seasonal celebration - dinner in Musikhulen. Bring your own food and drinks
Every Wednesday from 13 th May to 26 th August -19:30 - 20:30Car Bingo
Every Saturday from 11th July to 8 th August - 20:00Live music at Musikpladsen