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In the shop, we have a small selection of necessities.
In the high season, we also sell some refrigerated foods.

May 18th – June22nd +August 21st – Sept 28th
Mon-Fri: 8 am – 6 pm (Friday until 8pm)                                           (Closed 12-3pm)                                                                                           Sat-Sun:7.30-21 (closed 6-7pm)
June23rd- August 20th
7.30 am – 9 pm (Closed 6-7pm)
 If we are working at the site, you are welcome to phone us within the openings hours. Outside opening hours calls are only to be made in case of emergencies.

Opening hours may vary

The common room

There is free wi-fi in the common room. The code is written on the screen.

In the common room, you can sit alone on the sofa with a good book or enjoy the company of other guests.

You can borrow a book from the book swap, or you can leave a book there and take another.
You can watch TV.

There is a creative corner where children (and their adults) can draw and be creative.

There are toys and games available eg. table football.

You can not bring your own snacks and drinks to the common room, but you can buy snacks and drinks in our shop.

Dogs are allowed on the tiled area of the common room and must be on a leash.
Remember to leave the room tidy and clean for others to enjoy.


You have the opportunity to cook in our “camping kitchen”, which will be renovated in 2023.

Bring the necessary remedies for cooking. We expect you to clean up after yourself and leave the kitchen as you would like to find it.
Remember to bring your things back to the cabin/mobile home/tent.

Fish is sole to be cleaned in the designated area behind the kitchen.

In the covered area by the camping kitchen, you are welcome to sit and enjoy your food.


There are two playgrounds at Egtved Camping. One is close to the reception and here you find two air cushions.

This area is not to be used between 10 pm – 8 am.

The second playground is in the middle of the green area down towards the lake.

Children on the playgrounds must be supervised by adults or young people aged 15 or more. Their activities take place at your own risk.


Toilets and shower facilities

We have two toilet buildings.

One has toilets and shower facilities and the other holds a family room with a changing area. Showering is free, but water is expensive and hot water is limited, so remember to be considerate of other guests when showering.

Please leave the toilet in good condition. A toilet brush is provided – use it if necessary. Everybody prefers to find the toilet clean.

Please close the door to the buildings, as to save energy, which is expensive.


It is possible to wash and dry your clothes in our laundry room, which is in the same building as the toilets.

It costs DKK 30. You can buy coins at the reception.

Please note: The machines cannot return coins, so you have to use the exact amount.

Walter’s place

Walter’s place is situated behind the campsite. This is where we keep our livestock, which currently consists of goats, chickens, and a pig. In time we plan to have more animals.

This is also where our plant beds are, and in time you will be able to pick fresh herbs for free.

At Walter’s place, your dog can run freely without being on a leash, as long as it does not disturb our animals or other guests. Respect and take care of each other.

Various events will be held at Walter’s place.

If you need to use your car before 7 am or if you return after 11 pm, you can park your car at Walter’s place and walk to your campsite, as the entrance is locked during this time.