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Places of interest

A great number of interesting tourist attractions, historic spots and places of interest are all within a short distance from Egtved Camping.

Check out our info about some of the the individual attractions:


Tørskind Grusgrav
6040 Egtved.
Denmark´s famous sculptor Robert Jacobsen and his student and friend Jean Clareboudt has created a number of powerful sculptures, which can be seen in Tørskind Grusgrav.


Nørup Kirke
De Lichtenbergs Vej 31
7182 Bredsten
Nørup Church has an exciting building history and contains interesting church art. Enjoy the impressing baroque interieur.


Frederikshåb Plantage
6040 Egtved
In Frederikshåb Plantage you will find an odd nature phenomenon. At times you see a large lake - the Voldborgsøen - whereas at other times the water has totally gone.


Egtved Pigen
Egtved Holt
6040 Egtved
I 1370 BC a young woman was buried in an oak coffin. The woman was found in 1921 and her clothes are being exhibited at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen. At the actual finding spot you will see a large nestling - 22 meter in diameter and about 4 meter high.


Troldborg Ring
7182 Bredsten
A circular defense building from the iron age - situated just north of the Ravning Bridge.


Ravningvej 25
7182 Bredsten
In 979/80 the Danish king Harald Blåtand build a huge bridge crossing Vejle Ådal. The bridge was app. 1 km long and app. 5.5 meter wide.


Randbøldal Museum
Dalekildevej 1
7183 Randbøl
Randbøldal is a small village close to the former Engelsholm Papermill. The water is nowadays still used to create electric power - however the original papermill has long gone. Visit the local museum.


Bindeballe Station
Bindeballevej 101
7183 Randbøl
The railway station was build in 1897 and closed in 1957. Experience the atmosphere from the childhood of railway history.


Bindeballe Købmandsgaard
Bindeballevej 100
7183 Randbøl
This old convenience store was build in connection with the opening of the railway track from Vejle to Vandel. The shop is still up running in the original building. Enjoy the personal service at the old wooden desks fro 1897.


Aftentur med hestevogn
Nørreskoven i Vejle
Randbøl Hede Tours are operated by the Vejle-egnens Tourist Office. Go for a ride with the old horse drawn carriage,